Healthcare Reform?

Sorry, but the Senate bill reeks of corporate sponsorship. As a Business Week article put it a while ago, the insurance companies will be sure get their way over the American people. What we really need for reform is:
1. Do what is morally right and make sure everyone gets coverage. Medicaid is a huge waste…how can a public option or expanding Medicare be any worse?
2. Require medical insurance to be non-profit (it has proven successful in Europe)
3. Cap malpractice awards and control legal costs for medical providers…send the baddies to jail and take away their licenses.
4. Lower Medicare to 55+. This will help ease the job market by lowering competition between older and younger workers for jobs with benefits.
5. Send Joe Lieberman packing…he got his $1 million from the insurance companies. No doubt he’ll take a lobbying job with them when he leaves the Senate.

Meanwhile the politics in the Senate around the healthcare bill is an embarrassment. Harry Reid is cutting deals like a used car salesman. It’s hard to respect the behavior on both sides of the aisle. President Obama needs to step up to the plate and clear the pettiness and clutter.

What do you think?



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4 responses to “Healthcare Reform?

  1. I am well into my seventh decade now and iknow that had it not been for our National Health Service I would probably not be here now, and yesterday Martha Wainwright wrote a piece in The Times lauding our health service when she was working here and her baby decided to come 10 weeks early.
    I cannot imagine how any modern society which perports to aspire to being civilised can support such double standards.
    Whoever had won last years presidential election was going to have a tough time. I just hope there is enough support drummed up in the US to ensure that Obama gets sufficient time to overwhelm the problems that he is beset with.

  2. Ho

    I have reservations about the Healthcare Law. Can it have negative effects on my well being? Will the positives overshadow the negative aspects?

    • I also have reservations about the current proposed bill in the Senate. By the time it’s gone through the political mill, there might not be much positive effect left for us. We must do what is morally right for Americans. Did you know that people on medicaid and prisoners have better health care than most of us who pay premiums? They even get full dental benefits. The problem is, people with excellent coverage such as our Congress and the wealthy have little or no incentive to make coverage fair and just for everyone. Health care costs in the U.S. are a big part of the deficit problem and we need to take action before it is too late. We need reform and the future of this country needs it. The U.S. is slipping behind the rest of the world. I can’t think of a more negative effect on your well being.

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