End of an era – Carl F. Mayer Jr.

It’s been over a week now since my Dad’s funeral. His death was sudden but not unexpected. His mind has been scrambled for some time. For the past couple of years he found things that used to be simple for him more complicated and confusing. By last summer his mind and body were failing to the point all he could say was, “I don’t know what to do”. He always came back from adversity. A survivor, he made it through 41 combat missions in WWII, survived most of his family and friends. A great problem solver, he always figured a way through. But this time there was only one way out. It took him time to realize it. As I pilot he always figured out away to get his plane back safely. I explained to him that he was experiencing resistance and frustration like going through the sound barrier, but once he passed through everything would be peaceful and calm. We said goodbye October 5 and he was gone December 1.  Carl F. Mayer Jr.  (1921-2010)

Carl Mayer Jr.


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