Christmas Dinner at Aunt Dot’s

Aunt Dot at Westwood Country Club, 2004

Growing up in Rocky River, OH, Christmas time meant getting together for dinner at the Chandlers.  My cousin, John and I would play with our cars, trains and soldiers, while his older brother, Nev — who we called Skip, and my older sister Melissa — known as Missy, hung out spinning records.  A devoted Cleveland sports fan, Skip had a tape recorder where he would make tapes pretending to be announcing Browns and Indians games and interviewing family members as players and fans.  Later he would become the sports director at WEWS Ch. 5 in Cleveland and the voice of the Cleveland Browns.

Aunt Dot always provided a fabulous Christmas dinner — roast beef, twice baked potatoes, veggies, etc. and she would cap it off with her famous chocolate mousse served in little jars with lids on them.  Everything was always just right. She was also an avid antique collector and acquired some amazing objects over the years.  Uncle Nev was a builder and was known to obtain some collectible architectural pieces from Europe, particularly France, as well.  He built their houses and she furnished them fit for Architectural Digest.  After dinner John and I would go and play some Christmas songs on the piano.  I remember one Christmas when I was 16, I was very ill at home in bed with glandular fever and strep throat, my Mom drove in with Aunt Dot’s Christmas dinner and it was that moment that my health returned.  Nothing ever tasted better to me as it restored my strength.  I was skiing at Holiday Valley before the New Year.  It was just the fuel I needed.

Dorothy Ann Chandler passed away Friday, December 17.


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