Season’s Greetings and Happy 2011

Here’s wishing you the best for the season and 2011.  I am happy to remain in good health and I have my music for my sanity — and apparently for the sanity of others.  I look forward to an interesting and productive year, musically and otherwise.  I have also obtained my insurance broker’s license to embark on a new endeavor which I expect to be interesting and rewarding.  After all, Charles Ives was an insurance man.  Looking ahead, we are excited that our son Joseph is engaged and that he and his intended bride, Aimee, plan to wed in July.

Unfortunately 2010 started out a downer with Al Petermann’s passing and ended a downer with the passing of  my Dad, Carl F. Mayer Jr. in Cleveland on Dec. 1st.  Then, just a week later my mother’s sister, Dorothy Ann Chandler, passed away as well.   Let’s hope 2011 will be better.


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