In Mozart’s Defense

In a recent conversation with a music lover the other day, she told me she “could not stand Mozart” because the violins were irritating and the music seemed too simple and shallow. Well…I kind of know what she meant. While in music conservatory, I and many of my friends had a similar point of view — for a while. On the surface, Mozart’s music may sound simplistic and juvenile. Much of that is because most perceived him as “wunderkind” and nothing more. Actually he had an inherently deep understanding of music. Forget the symphonies for a moment, sit down and listen to his piano sonatas, string quartets and vocal music. There the true genius is easily exposed. Heavenly melodies, intricate development and harmonic structure often defy the classical “Haydnesque” style of his day. Music flowed from his pen without the need edit or modify. His output was so great that it would take a lifetime just to COPY his works. When one considers he did it in such a short span of just about thirty years it is truly amazing. Happy Birthday, Wolfie!!!


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