A Tribute to Columbia (STS-1, STS-107) – February 1, 2003


SS Columbia at launch

A soulful gospel-ballad performance, described as “Floyd Cramer on steroids”, adapted from an old Irish tune called St. Columba.  I dedicate my “Columbia” to the memory of our shuttle astronauts who were lost while returning to earth on February 1, 2003.  Put to the words of Psalm 23 in the nineteenth century, today it is often sung as a hymn at funerals.  On January 31,2003, I played it at a funeral.  I found the haunting melody deeply moving and decided to record my rendition of it later that evening.  The following morning I learned of the Columbia tragedy.

Click to play A Tribute to Columbia – Feb. 1, 2003

Columbia (adapt. Irish melody) – Bud Mayer
Harlem Nights – Bud Mayer
An Afternoon in Bliss – Bud Mayer
New Year Sunrise – Bud Mayer



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