The End of the Rohan Sisters Era

2011 has been a sad year.  The greatest generation has been hit hard in our family.  It seemed to all start with my father’s passing last December.   Then early this year my mother’s sister, Dorothy Ann (Aunt Dot) followed shortly by her husband, Nev.  Now our family mourns the death of the eldest of the three Rohan sisters, Elizabeth (Betty or Aunt Betsy as we called her).  My mom, Mary Lou, the youngest of the three passed away in August of 1999.  Betty left us Sunday, September 4, 2011 at the age of 92.  She had been in poor health for many years but always remained cheerful.  She was the Rohan family matriarch – keeping the sisters in line.   We all benefited from her love, care and generosity.  Third time was a charm when she married Jack Havighurst along with his four children.  Their love, devotion and support for each other is something we all aspire to.  They traveled around the world leading a romantic, dashing and adventurous life – and take-out at the Horny Toad (Carefree, AZ).  It was a good life with many stories and lots of laughs.  Uncork the champaign – and let’s make it Dom Perignon!

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