Fanatics Flip for Tunes on Cassette Tapes – Some Formats Won’t Die…Yet!

Fanatics Flip for Tunes on Cassette Tapes –  Some formats won’t die.  To me the compact cassette was simply a convenience thing.  Sound quality would never surpass an LP or larger tape formats, but in the car it sound as good as FM radio and that’s all that mattered.  In fact that’s all that matters today as well.  The only reason the compact cassette has all but gone is that we have much more convenient ways to deliver our music through digital electronic media.  The FM radio benchmark still stands because for the most part we listen to heavily compressed MP3 files which, to the average listener equal the quality of FM radio, cassette or LP.  Tape could never compete with the convenience of non-linear access to the music from CDs, DVDs and iPods.  Content delivery is changing fast.  By the end of the decade we will be seeing the last of the CD and DVD in favor of digital storage embedded in our devices with no motorized parts to wear out.  Good luck replacing the belt on that old cassette deck.  Better yet, anyone need an old 8-track cassette deck with lots of chewed-up tape inside?  Meanwhile the future is SD cards and solid-state hard drives…but will MP3 and WAV files reign supreme or will it be…?


Fanatics Flip for Tunes on Cassette Tapes –

History of Recorded Music Timeline


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