Dave Brubeck: A Classy Classic and Jazz Great, RIP

I grew up listening to Dave Brubeck – saw him in concert in Cleveland.  He was a great influence on me and my introduction to jazz music.  I remember back in the early 1980s visiting him in his home in Connecticut to demonstrate a new synthesizer called the Synclavier.  He was very interested in new technological trends in music.  He had fun fooling around on it with a little bluesy lick of his.  It was a real thrill for me to play for him on his piano.  He liked my playing and told me I should be out performing music instead of selling synthesizers.  We sat and talked about his experiences in Paris with Darius Milhaud and Nadia Boulanger.  He was an immensely gracious with a never-ending passion for music.  I am blessed to have been touched by him.  Thank you Dave.  Now, Take Five!

Dave Brubeck: Beyond Take Five : A Blog Supreme : NPR.


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One response to “Dave Brubeck: A Classy Classic and Jazz Great, RIP

  1. timmcclelland

    I saw Dave Brubeck play at Cape Neddick Park in Maine in the ’80s. It was my first exposure to such a cool form of music. What a great way to learn about Jazz, from an icon. Somewhere I have a cassette we made by smuggling in a portabe tape recorder. Even though I was a uniformed teenager, somehow my friend and I knew that it was going to be special enough to make the effort to record it. It was.

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